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SEO Service

Our 3 Main Steps

What You Can Expect From Our Team 

Start With a Full Website Audit and Competition Analysis

Our detailed SEO audits go beyond analyzing essential elements. We base our audit and report on our SEO score by using our SEO evaluator for a comprehensive, customized service. We must gain a basic understanding of your industry, primary keywords, and top competitors. Based on this information we create a custom SEO action plan for your business

    SEO Service

    Work and Cost Estimation

    When you ask the question “how much does search engine optimization cost”, the last answer you want to hear is “it depends.” We know it’s a frustrating response.

    But the truth is, SEO prices can vary quite a bit, depending upon a number of factors like competition, the current status of on-page SEO, current backlink profile and much more. That`s why we always start with a full audit. The goal is beating your number one competition, and if they are doing more than we do it`s hard to win the battle!

    Our SEO audits include but not limited to the following areas:

    • Keyword analysis
    • Content analysis
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • Website health and speed
    • Back-link Profile
    • General toxicity of your link profile
    • Local SEO activity
    • On-Page SEO Score
    • Any many other critical items necessary to create new record-breaking relevant traffic that equal new revenue streams
    SEO Service

    We Have An Unique Strategy For Each And Every Business

    No business and website are treated the same. Our team carefully researches everything about your business and decides what’s the best strategy to adopt.

    We can discuss with you our strategy and if you also want some additional things we can do it.


      The monthly SEO report begins with an executive summary of the progress of the campaign strategy to date.
      It states in clear terms what actions were completed, and what activities are slated for the next month.

      • Traffic analysis — Decreases in organic and/or direct traffic can indicate section-wide or site-wide issues, a change in the percentage of desktop versus mobile users, or a drop in brand awareness. Sudden declines in referral traffic could indicate the loss of a strong inbound link.
      • Backlink analysis — An increase in backlink quantity and quality may indicate success in off-site SEO activity, and/or some other factor(s).
      • Content analysis — Reviewing data such a bounce rates, visits and page visit time provides important insights about which content is resonating with users, which content needs improvement and the overall user experience of the website.
      • Competitor research — Competitors, like clients, change SEO strategy and tactics over time. Competitor campaigns must be researched to maintain an SEO advantage, close gaps and prevent unfavorable gaps from opening.
        SEO Service

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        “Roy is a reliable hard working digital genius. Excellent response times and detailed analysis. Happy to recommend his services”

        Richard Cayne

        CEO, Meyer International Ltd

        “I have had the great privilege of working with Roy on several digital projects over the years. And I would like to reveal initially that I hope to cooperate with him again in new projects in the future.

        Here’s why: I have worked with Roy across national borders. And in spite of that, there have never been communication problems or misunderstandings. For Roy is a reliable developer who will understand the ultimate goal of what he is doing. He does not only do as he is asked for – but also acts as counselor and assistant throughout the process.

        He is always willing to go the extra mile to make the customer happy. He will deliver a solid and good result every single time – to the great satisfaction of the customer. And he succeeds in his goal.

        He gets my warmest recommendations and I look forward to working with him more in the future.

        David Metzon

        Digital Marketing Manager, Skandinavien hos Steen & Strøm

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